Art and Museums
The Communes of the Val of Orcia, laying between the Valley and the Amiata, have a territory rich in natural beauties and testimonies historical and artistic outcome of their millennial culture.
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World Heritage
………Cultural landscape, word heritage - UNESCO
Suzhov, Luglio 2004

The Val d'Orcia is an exceptional reflection of the way the landscape was rewritten in pre-reinaissance times to reflect the ideals of good governance and to create an aesthetically pleasing picture.
Celebrated by painters from the siennese school, the Val d'Orcia have come to bee seen as icon of the landscape which have profoundly influenced the development of landscape thinking.

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The Termal
...and sources that gushing out in the squares and in the ancient thermal establishments become warm and steamy rivulets, among falls and tubes, they move away in the white of the limestone... More >>>
How to reach...

From Roma:

1) follow the motorway A1 toward Firenze as far as Chiusi-Chianciano then go for Montepulciano -> Pienza..

2) follow the Cassia ( via Francigena) toward Viterbo, then for Bolsena as far as Val d'Orcia

From Firenze:

: follow the motorway Firenze-Siena, then go by Cassia toward Roma as far as the Val d'Orcial

From Grosseto:

follow the motorway for Siena as far as Paganico, then toward Monte Amiata and Montalcino…….